handstand push up mat Risers 1", 1.5" thick
Risers for handstand push ups
Guy doing handstand push ups on risers 3 pack
guy doing handstand push ups on Risers 3 pack
hadnstand push ups with ab mat
risers 1" and 1.5"

COMPETITION RISERS (3 Pack) for Handstand Push-ups

Sale price$108.99
Size:1" 3-pack

Take your handstand push ups to the next level. Made with a non-slip polyurethane surface and gum rubber bottom these mats stay put! Our 3 packs are offered in a 1" thick set and a 1.5" thick set.  Each mat is 12" x 24".  Use one for your head cushion and the other two for your hands.  Don't stop there, these mats offer great protection for knees and back for your other workouts.  

Available in:

- 3 mats: 24” x 12”x 1” each

- 3 mats: 24” x 12”x 1.5” each