What is URLND?

‘URLND’ originated from a mashup of two words: ‘your’ + ‘land’.

Whatever your workout or wellness routine looks like, whether you’re in a CrossFit gym, a yoga studio or your living room, in a group fitness class, or meditating in nature, you’re taking time for you. Your mat + your space = your land. URNLD is all about you.


Who is URLND?

URLND came to life when founder Beau Rummel incorporated yoga into his life. After an extensive search for the ‘perfect’ yoga mat, he still couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for: a mat that was big enough, cushioned enough, and durable enough to withstand daily practice. So, simply put, he created the high-performance yoga mat he was looking for, and URLND was born.

Beau wanted to test out his mats and where better then a CrossFit gym.  Beau connected with his friend Joe Linton and asked if he’d help test out the first round of URLND mats samples for durability and performance.  A CrossFit Box owner, CrossFit coach, CrossFit athlete, and partner in the CrossFit Legends Masters Competitions, Joe Linton developed an idea for a handstand pushup mat for CrossFit training and competitions as he was testing the URLND yoga mats. The idea turned into reality and a partnership was formed between Beau and Joe when two worked together to create the URLND.



URLND are for those who are looking for more. More durability, more cushion and protection, more space, more comfort. A mat that will perform as hard as they do.

Each URLND yoga mat and workout mat is crafted with all-natural, shock-absorbing foam cushioning, a non-slip polyurethane surface, and a durable gum rubber base (yes, like on shoes!) that won’t slide, and stays put.

Every URLND handstand pushup mat is constructed with a non-slip polyurethane top, two-layer foam center for maximum cushioning, and a gum rubber bottom to eliminate slippage.

You won’t find a mat anywhere as durable, stable, or cushioned as a URLND mat – your most supportive workout partner.